Do you prefer to DIY? Incredible Communications offers training packages for content marketing, digital PR and content strategy. These training packages come with post-training consulting, step-by-step guides customised for your brand, and everything you need to hit the ground running.

In our trainings, we outline the exact strategies that we use to generate results for our clients – and they’ll work for you, too!

Face the right direction: Congruent Communications Workshop

This workshop helps you get clear on your ideal customer, work out where they get their information and then helps you craft a strategy where you do more with less. You’ll leave with a plan and content ideas, as well as advice on filling any gaps in your communications that we uncover on the day.

How to stop creating content and still win at content marketing

Buying advertising space is no longer the most effective way to increase sales – we’re well and truly in the digital age and your customers are getting bombarded with marketing messages every single day, so how do you cut through? The answer is content.

Trouble is, content isn’t as trusted as it used to be. You need the secret sauce.

Incredible Communications will workshop and plan all your content, so every piece of your marketing is intertwined with each other; from your website and social media, to your email and events, everything will be streamlined into one cohesive story to speak directly to your ideal customer and persuade them to buy.

By the end of our workshop together, you will:

  • Understand content and how to use it to market your business
  • Create a customer profile
  • Develop brand stories
  • Map out a content strategy
  • Understand what tools and resources you can use to measure results

Put Yourself up In Lights: Digital PR and Publicity Success

Appearing in respected media publications is great marketing and results in credibility – that’s why big businesses invest millions of dollars each year into public relations. With the right tools and plan, you can act as your own PR team — and get great results on an ongoing basis. Over the course of your PR training, you’ll get:

  • Access to our in-house guides, which will walk you through your daily/weekly/monthly PR
  • A complete list of free and paid tools and how to use them, including paid and free tools
  • How to identify outlets and reporters worth reaching out to.
  • How to write and pitch guest articles for SEO/referral traffic/relationship building.
  • Pitch training and editing.
  • Everything you need to know about press release writing and distribution.
  • How to identify stories worth pitching to reporters.

Incredible Fix It Sessions

Do you ever have one of those business days when you just need a fast fix to a problem that has halted you in your tracks? With 20 years of business ownership across corporate, small and fast growth, Incredible Communications’ principal Phil Lowe brings a unique perspective to your business. Not least her irreverent sense of humour, marketing, communications savvy, and strategic skill set.

She’s worked with award winning leaders such as RedBalloon’s Naomi Simson, multinationals including Adobe and Fuji Xerox, and has been involved in putting many other businesses ‘up in lights’.

Currently offering her skills as a workshop leader and facilitator in Bx Business For Life, Phil has worked with hundreds of business owners to get them unstuck.

DIY Publicity and PR eKit

Your guide to creating your own publicity and PR campaign. Developed by ABC award-winning journalist and PR professional Philippa Lowe, this kit is a step-by-step way to conduct your own PR & publicity campaign and get closer to your customers.

Over 160 pages of professional advice, including templates for you to utilise. Contents include:

  • Preparing for Your Public Relations Efforts
  • Getting Publicity
  • Using Editorial Calendars
  • Creating a Press Kit
  • Pitching the Media
  • Interview Tips
  • Additional Public Relations Techniques: Speaking Engagements , Seminars and Workshops, Special Events, Guest Columns,  Radio Expert
  • Under-Utilized, Powerful P.R. Ideas
  • When Bad P.R. Happens to Good Businesses


I invested in a series of Fix It sessions with Phil and it ensured my business launch and follow-up stayed on track. It was invaluable having an impartial, experienced second set of eyes on my new business and what I was planning. Phil gave me encouragement and ideas – from showing me how to get myself free publicity to helping me plan out all my communications and content for sales. It was great value for money and allowed me to laser in incredibly well. Phil thinks incredibly strategically, yet also has a wonderful ‘here’s how to get it done’ approach.

Sally McMahonBridalicious

Phil’s 25 years of business experience are invaluable. As well as communications, I’ve asked her about pricing strategy, lead funnels, best target markets – even recruitment advice when I was worried about taking the next step in business growth and employing more team! She has a calm, wise approach to business with a great sense of humour that keeps me motivated and my business stress in perspective.

Fabian PerezEmroy Print + Design

Leave your details to enquire about Fix It with Phil here – you’ll receive an email outlining fees and time opportunities.


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