Penny for your thoughts? 3 ways to ask for testimonials

March 17, 2020/by Philippa Lowe

Writing content for non-native English speakers

March 9, 2020/by Philippa Lowe

‘Surprise and delight’ has never been more relevant … or rare.

February 24, 2020/by Philippa Lowe

4 ways a project management tool will transform your content

January 20, 2020/by Philippa Lowe

Content marketing is more like a marathon than a sprint

January 6, 2020/by Philippa Lowe

Where will you focus your efforts in 2020?

December 16, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Using Instagram to your advantage

December 2, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Look before you leap into your next campaign

November 18, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Are you avoiding implementing a content strategy?

November 5, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Which witch is which? Don’t make a scary mistake!

October 30, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Putting relationships at the heart of your content

October 15, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

3 tips to create engaging content in the silly season

October 1, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

The art of the follow-up

September 17, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Are copywriters an endangered species?

September 3, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

How to grow your business without lifting a finger

August 26, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Can small businesses ever live up to customer service standards?

August 20, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

What’s the deal with personalised marketing?

July 15, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

How to brief your copywriter (and get results!)

July 2, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

The heart of UGC’s success

June 17, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Getting content out of the everyday

June 3, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Talkin’ to my g-g-generation

May 21, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Why should anyone bother with your content?

May 6, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Lessons to learn from a content or PR crisis

April 16, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Why you need social proof (and how to get it)

April 1, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Content marketing saves you money and boosts your leads

March 18, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

We’re all lazy – use it to your advantage!

March 4, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

What do chatbots have to do with content?

February 18, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Data is more than just numbers

February 4, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Email isn’t dead

January 14, 2019/by Philippa Lowe

Less really can be more when it comes to your content

December 18, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

What’s the point of your content?

December 3, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

What’s the difference between a content strategy and a content plan?

November 20, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Is all publicity good publicity?

November 5, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

What’s your story?

October 28, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

How to avoid content burnout

October 1, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Why a business-brained copywriter should be your first pick

September 18, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

3 questions to ask yourself when you’re creating a content strategy

September 4, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

The easiest way to fill out your content strategy

August 21, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

The ins and outs of testimonial marketing (and how to get the best ones)

August 7, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Storytelling isn’t just for the kids

July 20, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Why you need to treat your communications agency like a car mechanic

July 17, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Do copywriters really need to charge so much?

July 3, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Want to rescue your content? Get a style guide.

June 21, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

3 ways autocorrect is making you look unprofessional

June 4, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Striking the balance between originality and authenticity

May 15, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Creating content that cuts through the noise

May 3, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

Is less content better than none?

April 17, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

It’s true what they say – “Make ‘em laugh”

March 27, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

It pays to find the weakness in your copy

March 19, 2018/by Philippa Lowe

When it comes to copy, three lefts can make a right

March 6, 2018/by Philippa Lowe
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