Who are you?

You’re a chief marketing officer or marketing manager overwhelmed by all of the daily tasks associated with marketing a company or product. Blog posts, social media updates, influencer outreach, reporter pitching…there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Or you’re a fast-growth entrepreneur and chances are you don’t have time for things like digital PR strategy, content marketing or blogging. You traded a 9-5 life for 14-hour days that fly by so fast you forget that you forgot to eat lunch.

There is no magic bullet. You plan your strategy, your plug in the right tactics, and you execute. Incredible Communications can do it all, or some. We can teach you how to do it, hold your hand, or make it happen on your behalf.

Who are we?

Incredible Communications is a little bit different to most digital PR & Communications agencies. Mostly because we’ve been around the block a few times in our 18 years. We won’t try and sell you a sow’s ear as a silk purse. We take our ‘No Bull(et)’ tag seriously!

We strive to deliver the incredible five for content and communications success

  1. Compelling content pillars.
  2. Accurate audience personas.
  3. Range of content formats and style.
  4. Distribution and amplification tactics.
  5. KPIs and success metrics.

Our principal Philippa Lowe has been interviewed on global stages for her communications insights, she’s won awards from leading media organisations for her radio and print journalism, and she’s built up blog readerships in the tens of thousands through influencer relationships and organic ranking without one, single promoted post.

Our team includes Aussie and UK journalists, PR strategists, inbound marketing mavens, a Canadian social media guru and a few big data nerds.

Philippa Lowe

Louise Unwin

Incredible Communications’ Ten Commandments

  • An effective strategy requires an honest conversation about current reality and how much effort is required to get you from now to the vision you have created.  Eg: if your business currently has a low awareness level and low number of names on database, it will take time, effort, passion and purpose to get noticed and convert being noticed to sales.

  • The only strategy that eventually matters is the one in your head when you are making decisions. So your stated strategy and what’s in your head must align

  • Build it and they will come is not a strategy. Your strategy is a map and a compass to get you to your vision. You have to walk, run, climb, scramble, check your map, check your compass and encourage and motivate your ideal customers and your team to come along on the journey to reach your vision. Hold your vision like a beacon!

  • Sharing your vision it and megaphoning it to the correct number of people in such a way that it attracts them is a strategy. But it’s easier said than done. Take heart. It can be done.

  • Relevance is the key driver of strategy. You must be relevant to your ideal customer – or why would they come to you?

  • Congruence is the key driver of awareness. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.” That’s the same when your communications are incongruent: brand, tone, visual, language and actions must all align for people to become aware. Remember: congruence allows you to do more with less.

  • Repetition of 3-5 key messages = adoption. Less is more. When you are sick of saying, seeing and hearing it, your ideal customer is only just getting it.

  • Doing more does not always equal more results. Mostly it results in more mess.  Especially if you don’t have commandment 6. nailed first.

  • Trust drives adoption.

  • Adoption = raving fans = easier sales = easier content.


Want to find out more? Need a quote?

If you’re interested in digital PR, social media marketing, web content writing services, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you. From national brands to startups, we work with companies of all sizes, and we tailor our services to fit your needs. We even work with other agencies (yes, we white label!).

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