3 tips to create engaging content in the silly season 

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 1st October, 2019

3 tips to create engaging content in the silly season

Content marketing can be tricky at the best of times; finding the right words along with the best times to post and the most eye-catching images can take up a lot of brain power by the end of it all. 

It’s even more daunting when you’re trying to cut through at those big times of the year — think, Father’s/Mother’s Day, Easter, Graduation season, End of Financial Year and, of course, every single day between Black Friday and the New Year. At those times of the year, it can seem like you’re reading marketing emails more than you’re speaking to your own family, so it’s only natural that trying to make your own voice heard would be difficult!

There was a time, not all that long ago, when the word ‘Black Friday’ wouldn’t have meant anything to us here in Australia, at least not in a marketing sense. Now, with our trusty friend the Internet, businesses big and small, all over the world, are competing with each other from late November until the beginning of January. 

They’re not competing without good cause, either. In 2017, around a quarter of online sales were driven by email alone — that’s nothing to sniff at. Adobe Analytics found that on Black Friday, 116.5 million emails were sent — 11 million of those were sent at 10am. It’s a staggering amount, so how do you make yourself heard amongst all that chatter?

Stay two steps ahead 

We’re strong believers that no campaign can be successfully run on the spur of the moment, even if you are a small business, and able to think on your feet a little better. Thinking ahead is crucial to make sure that your campaign flows naturally, the pieces all fit together and so you anticipate the needs of your audience. Plus, if you think about Christmas, it seems that Christmas shopping now begins in earnest in September — if you’re not thinking about your Christmas campaign before August’s end, you’re already a step behind your audience. Are you overwhelmed yet? 

Keep it simple and snappy 

Take some advice from Kevin Malone:

Remember those 11 million emails being sent at 10am? No one has the time to read them all. Put your offer in the subject line, use one or two images and keep your copy well under 50 words (under 10, even better!). 

Be honest and upfront 

Anyone looking for a great deal around any kind of significant day doesn’t want to be messed around trying to search for the right link, what the terms of the deal are or what the deal is. Make sure the details of any deals are clear, all your links lead to the right places and any copy you use is honest. 

With these three tips, you can’t go too far wrong. Holidays and big celebrations throughout the year have a lot of content opportunities attached to them but they also have audiences who are more willing to buy, engage and share the content with their networks. Get in front of them and give them what they need. 

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