Celebrate the every day!

Getting content out of the everyday

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 4th June, 2019

Getting content out of the everyday

Creating a comprehensive content plan can be an overwhelming concept to consider – well thought out blog posts, videos, case studies and podcasts are fantastic but they take effort and if you haven’t got the extra time to spare, how are you supposed to stay on top of the content game?

The answer lies in plain sight — all those everyday things that you get up to in the life of your business? They have the potential to be great pieces of content without needing to bend over backwards.

New employee/office? A big move or a new addition to your team can be a great excuse to pop a photo up on Facebook and Instagram to announce the change! It helps your audience stay updated and introduces them to anyone new so they know who they might speak to if they call up.

Is it someone’s birthday? Spending the time to acknowledge the birthday of a team member on social media (if they consent) is a great way to not only show the faces of your team to your audience, but to recognise the work they do to help your organisation operate every day. According to Robert Half, “Managers who provide frequent recognition and encouragement have significantly higher project performance from their team.” Recognition comes in many forms, but if you can tie it into your content plan, you’re doing well! If you’re in a large team, perhaps doing a post each week or month to honour the upcoming birthdays is a better way to go.

‘International’ days — the silly and the serious. Whether it’s International Women’s Day, White Ribbon Day or something as frivolous as National Donut Day, you can celebrate using social media. Always tie your posts back to your beliefs and values as an organisation, but there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun on Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Networking events — headed to a networking event or conference with inspiring speakers? Share one or two of the insights via your social media platforms. Great quotes are sure to get people talking and sharing them with their own network.

Celebrate your wins! Are you nominated for an award? Shout out about it! If you win, shout even louder! Let your audience know when you’ve achieved something great in your industry.

Share your customers’ words. If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with a content plan, it’s because you’re run off your feet working with your customers. So, get them to create content for you! Ask them for testimonials or for pictures of the final product so you can share your great work.

Why bother with it at all?

It’s a lot to stay on top of, we get it. But, it’s worth it! You’re doing exciting things in your organisation and the world deserves to hear your story. Sharing snippets from your daily activities helps your audience to see what you get up to, how hard you work and the personality of your business. These posts also keep you in their line of sight, even when you’re too busy to put together the kind of content that blows people away!

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