Why should anyone bother with your content?

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 7th May 2019

Why should anyone bother with your content?

Creating content is never as simple as it sounds, which is why we’re always happy to see businesses trying their hand at it. The real question is how can you take the content you’re creating and turn into something that really hits the nail on the head for your audience? We’re taking a closer look at content and what makes it great.

There’s an overwhelming amount of content out in the world now — you can’t turn your head without being bombarded, especially on the internet. The standard of all that content is pretty inconsistent; we’ve seen some shockers in our time, as well as some really well-executed ideas. So what takes a piece of content from just … okay to good? And then what can you do to make that content great? We’ve put together some benchmarks you can use to make sure your content is cutting through.

What does ‘okay’ content look like?  

We consider ‘okay’ content to be the kind of content that ticks boxes; it isn’t terrible but it doesn’t blow anyone’s mind. To get your content at an ‘okay’ level, it needs to have or be:

Relevant – Keeping up with the current hot topics is important but updating old content to bring it into this year (or even this month) is important too. Content that seems outdated in anyway will turn off your audience immediately.

No spelling/grammar errors  – Your content should always be smooth with no errors that will be jarring for your audience. This includes non-written content such as podcasts, videos or webinars. Keep it grammatically correct!

A good headline – Humour, wit and shock-value are all highly-rated in the world of headlines but it’s also important to be accurate. Does your headline catch their eye and inform them of the content within?

Consistent tone-of-voice – Your content is a chance for you to reveal your authentic voice. Slipping between formal and informal can be detrimental to your brand overall.

What does good content look like?

Original – It’s a no-brainer: creating original content will get people interested. Aside from that, it will help you to rise up the ranks of the search engines and get noticed.

Memorable – Just like advertisements, if the content you create is memorable enough, you’ll stick in your audience’s minds and they’ll seek you out when the time is right.

Planned – Higgledy-piggledy content that has no rhyme or reason can leave people more confused than they were before they found you. Be clear and intentional with your content.

Eye-catching visuals – Whether it’s fonts, video quality, brand colours or imagery, capture your audience’s attention with the visuals. They’re as important as the headline!

Deep, accurate research – Set yourself apart from the rest by having well-sourced statistics along with all the claims you make within your content thoroughly substantiated. Don’t pluck ‘facts’ from thin air, your readers will lose all respect for your authority.

What does great content look like?

Engaging – Any content that gets people commenting, liking and generally buzzing is content that has done its job.

Valuable – You know those recipes you save until later, the how-to videos you know you’ll need down the track? When you’re creating your content, you want to offer up that same kind of ‘bookmarkable’ value to your audience.

Skimmable – The content world is oversaturated and brutal. If your content is too complicated or too chunky, it’s unlikely your audience will engage. Keep it short OR if it’s a big topic, present the information in smaller chunks so your audience can digest it quickly and easily by skimming.

Shareable – The content game is all about being in the right place at the right time and that means that your content doesn’t only need to be easily shareable (put those social buttons in a visible spot!) it also needs to be share-worthy — something that your audience will want to share with their friends and family.

The world of content is ever-evolving, so your content should be too. Don’t settle for ‘okay’ content when you could be elevating it with just a few little touches. Now, more than ever, standing out from the crowd is important!

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