Less really can be more when it comes to your content

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 18 December 2018

Less really can be more when it comes to your content

Starting out in creating content can be daunting – you can feel like you have no ideas, no time and no resources to really make the content you want for your organisation. It can be frustrating and it makes content creation a gruelling task instead of something that is supposed to be an exciting part of showing your knowledge off to your audience.

Enter: atomisation.

If the word sounds like it belongs in a sci-fi film, that’s because it does! Many a fantasy villain has pointed their disintegrator ray at their enemy and simple blown them into mere atoms. Thankfully, content atomisation is far less sinister. It’s all about taking one big idea and turning it into a lot of little ideas so that it’s accessible by everyone at any time. This can be done in plenty of different ways, here are two ideas:

Keep it simple, silly

This old adage rings true, particularly when it comes to your content. Too often, we come across blog posts and articles with word counts which exceed a thousands words. Of course, you want do justice to certain topics but if you can think of a way to keep your blog post under 800 words, snappy and just about one topic, question or idea, your content will pack a bigger punch. No need to worry, though, keep the ideas you came up with, just turn them into more blog posts!

Take one idea and transform it

Once you have a base idea – take the humble blog post for example – there’s no reason you can’t turn that idea into several different pieces of content across different platforms. Some people only ever use Facebook, while others rely on Twitter for their content; others use a combination of several different social media platforms to get their fix of information.

If you’re not sure how you could turn a blog post into different pieces of content, try it out with something you’ve posted in the past. A blog post will have plenty of quotes you can turn into images (we like to call these quotables) and you can post them all over Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram – wherever you like. You could turn the blog post idea into a podcast for those who like to have some audio company on their commute to work or you could take a few key points and statistics from the post and create an infographic as a visual aid.

Check out our great guide to choosing different kinds of content here.

Think about where your audience spends their time, take a great idea and turn it into lots of little ideas that will reach your audience, wherever they are. When you start atomising your content,  you’ll never be short of ideas again!

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