What’s the point of your content?

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 4 December 2018

What’s the point of your content?

At Incredible Communications, we love to shout about how important content marketing is for every business, no matter the size. The problem we come up against now is just how much content is out there now – the content marketing sphere is noisy and it can be difficult to know whether you’re really cutting through.

The reality is that most people aren’t releasing blog posts, videos, images, podcasts or any other pieces of content, out into the world for them to just sit there, passively. Unfortunately, this is what happens to content far too often and it’s because many content creators don’t realise that every piece of content needs to have a clear purpose.

It almost sounds too simple to be a real piece of advice but we see dead content all the time – we can bet you do too. It’s the content that looks like it has cobwebs on it, sitting buried in some corner of an organisation’s website, untouched.

So, what’s the point?

We can all get caught put in the game of creating content just so it looks like we’re keeping busy. Content for the sake of content is fine but each piece of content needs to be working towards a larger goal and you need to have an idea of what you want your audience to do when they come across any individual piece of your content. Take a blog post for example; do you want them to:

  • Simply click on the post, read it and get to know you better?
  • Share the post with their friends and family?
  • Give some sort of feedback through comments or responding to a question?
  • Call or email you to find out more?

Make it obvious

In the content game, it’s important to be realistic and to focus on human habits. The reality is that we’re all pretty lazy and we like to have things spelt out for us. That’s the secret. Create a call to action that is strong and matches what you want people to do with your content. Write an intriguing caption that encourages people to read on; include an eye-catching feature image that has strong shareability; pop your number or email in an obvious place for readers to get in touch; and put a social sharing button in plain sight for readers to share as soon as they think they know people who might be interested.

Sound easy? It is! Start creating content with a real purpose and you’ll see real results.

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