What’s the difference between a content strategy and a content plan?

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 20 November 2018

What’s the difference between a content strategy and a content plan?

It’s not uncommon to hear people using the terms ‘content strategy’ and ‘content plan’ interchangeably. Content marketing is a big concept to explore and there is plenty to consider as you approach it in your organisation but it’s important to recognise the two main components to content marketing and see them separately – strategising and planning.

What is a content strategy?

Your content strategy is where you should begin – it’s where you sit down and really work out why you need content. Think big picture, consider what you are trying to achieve as a business and how your content can help you to achieve those things. Start from those big goals and the smaller details will become clearer as you go on.We like this bit of wisdom from BrainFeed: “Content connects your organisation’s content efforts with business goals and user needs. Everything you do related to content should map back to those requirements.” This is at the heart of content strategy – making sure that everything you do has a point, a purpose that drives your business forward.

What is a content plan?

Posting at strange times, scrambling for ideas at the last minute or cobbling together content that doesn’t seem to align with your business goals? These are all things businesses without a content plan do and it’s really damaging for your brand. We always assume that no one has time for content – after all, most businesses are putting content on the back burner so they can focus on getting through the day – but a content plan can help you to make time so that you can make content work for you. Regardless of whether your content plan is for one month, six months or twelve months, planning ahead means that you’ve got it covered and can let it take care of itself, checking in periodically.Now knowing the difference between the two, you can see why it’s important to consider both sides of the content marketing process. Neither is more important than the other and they can’t exist without each other, either. Are you ready to start working on your content strategy and plan? Incredible Communications can help you to navigate the content marketing waters. Email us at phil.lowe@incrediblecommunications.com.au or call 0414 711 107.