The easiest way to fill out your content strategy
Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 21 August 2018

The easiest way to fill out your content strategy

We’ll always be the first to put our hands up and say “Yes! Putting together a content plan is time consuming!” It can be confusing to know where to start, what to post and how to balance it all successfully. Content curation is one of the most important parts of a content plan and it could be just the thing to really launch yours.

What is content curation?

While content marketing gets all the airtime, content curation is a little different and you might actually be doing it already without even realising. Content curation is simply pulling great content together from all over the internet and sharing it strategically to an audience.

Most people – individuals too, not just businesses – are already doing this. All the content you see on your Facebook feed is either consciously placed there by marketing teams or subconsciously placed there by your friends, family and other connections who are liking and sharing content that they love and are interested. Using content curation as a part of your marketing strategy just means intentionally pulling all this content together and releasing it back to your target market in a way that is easy for them to access without browsing.

Why is content curation so important?

It might seem like content curation is just another thing to stay on top of but it actually has benefits spanning across your business.

  • It can be easy to lose yourself in the rabbit hole that is the internet but content curation is actually a whole lot quicker and easier than writing your own content from scratch. Using your own content is important but the time isn’t always freely available to sit down and write – so use content curation to complement your own homegrown content.

  • Finding, reading and curating the content on the internet from your industry means that not only are you sharing all that with your audience but you are also keeping an eye on what’s going on in your industry.

  • Curating content and sharing it through your social media is a great way to boost your social media presence without busting a gut. It keeps you active and it gives your audience great information.

So, how exactly do you curate content?

The first step is to read a lot of content. The chances are that you’re already doing this without realising. Create a bookmarks tab on your browser and save anything you find interesting, current or incredible. Once you start looking you’ll see it everywhere.

Then, choose where you want to display it. Maybe you want to share it through your newsletter each month/fortnight/week. Perhaps your audience is on Facebook, so you want to share it through your business page. Wherever your audience is, share your curated content through that platform. Don’t be afraid to crosspost!

Whatever you do, don’t share content you haven’t read. In 2014, Hootsuite asked their followers how much of an article they read before sharing it and the answers were a little disconcerting. While a lot of people have their heart in the right place, the reality is that anyone on the internet can write whatever they want in an article. They might not base it on facts and they might share radical opinions that you don’t agree with – the only way to find out is by reading the article.

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