Striking the balance between originality and authenticity
Philippa Lowe
Published: 15th May 2018

Striking the balance between originality and authenticity

In the world of content creation, there are hundreds upon thousands of voices shouting at us, telling us how to create content. When you listen to those voices you hear plenty of people shouting that “Originality!” and “Authenticity!” are the two most important things when it comes to content. The question now is how can we all stay original in our content while staying true and authentic to the brand that your audience came for in first place?

What is authenticity and why does it matter?

The concept of authenticity is not a difficult one to grasp – it’s all about keeping it real, being honest and speaking genuinely throughout all your content. Most people have this as a goal but many of them focus more on telling everyone that they’re authenticity instead of actually acting authentically.

The truth is that authenticity resonates with audiences – particularly with millennial audiences. In a 2017 study conducted by Stackla, they found that 86% of consumers said that authenticity was important when deciding what brands to like and support.

Audiences want to know that there are real people behind your content and that you’re not just trying to jump on the latest trend to weasel your way into their lives. The truth lies in another statistic from Stackla – 60% of respondents said that their friends and family were the biggest influencers in their decision to engage with a brand’s products or services. This is where the like, know and trust comes into play – they might know of you and like you to a degree, but if your content doesn’t allow your authenticity to shine through, your audience won’t fully trust you as they trust their own friends and family and you’ll be no closer to gaining them as customers.

What about originality?

Maybe you’ve got the authentic part downpat – but there is so much out there that it can be hard to know how you can cut through it all to share what you have to say. The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to post some content.

If you think you have a completely original idea, then go for it but the chances are that you’ll be overwhelmed by the content already out there. So, look at what your competition is doing and find a way to inject your own brand personality and your own perspective on the same topics. Never copy what’s already out there – your audience will spot it from a mile away and copying other people’s ideas is a sure-fire way to kill off your authenticity – but there’s no reason to not be inspired by other content. After all, you’re the expert – you know your industry well and you have a unique perspective, mix them together and you’ve got original, authentic content – voila!

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It’s true, it can be difficult to find the balance between being original and being the brand that people came for in the first place. Our advice? Stick to what you know and do it better than everyone else. After all, that’s why you want people to choose you over your competition, so there’s no reason why you can’t apply it to your content too. Don’t get distracted trying to cater to every niche – it’s impossible! Create content that showcases what you know and what you can do – find new ways to talk about it and show your audience.

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