Creating content that cuts through the noise
Philippa Lowe
Published: 3rd May 2018

Creating content that cuts through the noise

When it comes to content, we often think using big words makes us sound more eloquent and professional. More often than not, the old adage is true: Keep it simple, silly.

The goal of any content to take readers on a journey – but when we add in unnecessarily big and confusing words, we can unknowingly cause the ride to be a bumpy one.  There is a place for jargon and large words – this is not to say you can’t ever use them – but it’s important to be using the words correctly and sparingly. Never fear, there are ways to make sure your content flows smoothly, while still gaining audience attention.

Be clever don’t just sound it

Having well put together, clever content will serve you if you are authentic – readers can see through big, complicated words.

If you want your content to stand out, it’s crucial to have a logical outline of your ideas: this allows for flow and an easy read. Using relatable language and a conversational tone connects and engages readers. Even humour can benefit your content and make it easier to read.  At the end of the day, it’s clever to have a smooth-flowing, well-crafted piece of content than a convoluted, jargon-heavy piece.

Clear the clutter

Just as you would clear the clutter in your home,  it is good practice to clear the clutter in your content. Clutter means any filler words that drag out sentences – unnecessary parts of the text. The goal is to hold the reader’s attention and provide information accurately and concisely. If you leave the clutter in, you risk losing the reader’s focus.

Incorrect use of words

Your audience trusts you to know what you are talking about, so using a word incorrectly can impact the credibility you are seeking to build. Dictionaries are wonderful – not simply for checking your spelling but also for checking definitions.

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