It pays to find the weakness in your copy
Philippa Lowe
Published: 3rd May 2018

It pays to find the weakness in your copy

Like with most things, the only way to get better at creating content is to practice, practice, practice. Not all your content is going to be everyone’s cup of tea and all of us have those little weaknesses that can let our content down. Thankfully, there are some sure-fire ways to strengthen your writing in particular so that your content has the best chance of cutting through all the noise and catching the eye of your ideal customer.

After looking through our fair share of content there are some weaknesses that pop up over and over again, so what are they – and how can we start to strengthen them?

Poor grammar, spelling and punctuation

At the most basic level, no content will be taken seriously if there are grammar errors, typos or strange punctuation choices. Everyone makes mistakes but be sure that your mistake isn’t writing the wrong ‘your/you’re’. There are more subtle issues like using too many exclamation marks or creating run-on sentences that never seem to end, but all of these mistakes can cost you customers if they become habits.

How do we fix this?

Edit your work! When the juices are flowing it’s easy for anyone to overlook mistakes but cast your eye back over it once you’re done to catch any obvious mistakes. If you want to be sure your copy holds up, get a second pair of eyes to look over it – sometimes we can be too close to our own writing to find our own mistakes.

No flowing structure

Too often an idea comes to mind and many of us jump straight to the word vomit. We think if we can just get it on paper as quickly as possible everything will be fine when in reality we just end up with a mismatched stream of consciousness that doesn’t have any real structure to it. If your readers can’t follow along, they won’t! They’ll simply look somewhere else for more cohesive writing.

How do we fix this?

Make sure you write down all your great ideas – after all, you never know what you can pull out from your stream of consciousness and use later – but keep them all separate to your final copy. Pull out the ideas that link together and map out a rough structure before you really begin writing, otherwise your readers won’t be able to follow along.

Lack of focal point

While we’re on the stream of consciousness, it’s important to remember not to include all of your thoughts. Your readers will only become overwhelmed if they’re trying to digest all the information you’re throwing at them.

How do we fix this?

It’s as simple as picking one topic and sticking to it. If you have other ideas on the way, file them away and use them later on for other pieces of content. You cheat yourself out of content ideas when you try to cram everything into one article.

Inconsistent or inappropriate tone

No reader will connect to your copy unless they feel as though you are talking directly to them. Too many content creators struggle with this because they don’t really know who the audience is. If you’re a law firm, there’s no use speaking to your readers using the same jargon that you do in the office – your audience simply won’t know what you are talking about.

How do we fix this?

Know your audience inside and out. Learn how they like to communicate, learn their level of understanding of your industry and speak to them accordingly. There’s no need to dumb yourself down – after all, your audience wants to know you have authority – but make sure your tone is consistently straightforward and easy to understand for your audience.

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