When it comes to copy, three lefts can make a right
Philippa Lowe
Published: 6th of March 2018

When it comes to copy, three lefts can make a right

Content ideas tend to come at the most inconvenient times – right as we’re falling asleep or when we’re in the middle of a shower. Of course, by the time we get to putting our content into action, we’ve forgotten those half-cooked ideas and they end up turning into something completely different.

There’s also the age-old problem of ‘the tangent’. Inspiration can strike at any moment and too often we find ourselves following a new train of thought, right in the middle of an article. Luckily, there are three big secrets that help the best content writers to stay on track.

#1: Keep it short

All of us have moments where passion takes over and the article that was supposed to be 400 words long ends up being three times as long. Or the video that is meant to be a quick snippet turns into something resembling a feature film. The great news is that passion is never a bad thing. Instead of constraining that excitement for the topic, try seeing how many smaller topics you can tease out of the wider idea and give them time to shine on their own.

Never cut something from your content without considering how you could reuse that train of thought elsewhere. It might not be right for this content but it could be the seed of an idea for another article, video or podcast!

#2: Re-read your content

Every paragraph of your article, every sentence uttered in a video needs to be relevant to your topic. If it’s not relevant, cut it out or re-word it. We all have tangents and background thoughts in our head but it’s best to keep it simple and straightforward in your content so that your audience gets your message loud and clear. Go back through and make sure every sentence and paragraph is on track.

#3: Follow your tangents

Have a tangential thought right in the middle of writing an article? Write it down so you don’t forget! Inspiration will come when you least expect it, so bottle it while you can! Don’t ignore an interesting fact, statistic or story that you come across in research. File it away and use it to your advantage later on.

While it’s not good to take your audience along on your tangents with you, it’s just common sense to save those ideas for later.

At the end of the day, ideas can take a little while to refine. Sometimes you do have to take a few different routes to get the exact angle that you want. Just remember to keep it clear for your audience and to write down all of your ideas as they come to you.

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