Are you guilty of selling to quickly?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 20th of February 2018

Are you guilty of selling too quickly?

When it comes to our businesses, we all want to cut to the chase and make the sale – after all, it’s nice to know that there’s money in our pocket and funds to pay for our next meal. Unfortunately, too many of us – whether we’re salespeople, copywriters or business owners – jump too quickly to trying to make the sale and overlook all those important steps that need to come first.

Know, like and trust …

Getting to the point where you can start to sell is as simple as those three words – know, like and trust. The real question, perhaps, is how do you achieve those three concepts? Our answer is always storytelling. We believe that there is nothing is more powerful than a story and stories allow you to take your potential client on a journey before you reach that point where you can sell your product or service.

James Lush – an ABC and BBC veteran – has a great guide for breaking down your storytelling to make sure that it really hits the spot with your audience. It’s all just as simple as telling the T.R.U.T.H.

T – Topical – Ensure that your story is suitable for the time. Whether it’s the season or current world events, don’t make the mistake of telling a story that has no relation to the time you’re telling it in. For example, trying to get your audience on board with your new hot chocolate range might fall a little flat in the middle of Summer.

R – Relevant – Know your audience and make sure the story you tell is relevant to them. Get specific. If you’re speaking to stay-at-home mothers, there’s no reason you should tell a story about ‘life in the office’. If your story isn’t relevant, your ideal audience will immediately switch off.

U – Unusual – Don’t let your story be predictable. Do something out of the ordinary! You’ll never be able to catch your audience’s attention if you’re doing the exact same things that your competitors are doing. Stand out and be interesting.

T – Trouble – No good story is complete without a conflict – ask any fiction writer! Show your audience where the problem is but don’t just stop there, show them how you solve that problem through your business.

H – Human – No one likes to interact with a faceless, emotionless brand. However you decide to tell your story, let your personality shine through and focus on being authentic and empathetic. Remember, your client can’t come to trust you unless they like you.

At the end of the day, the people who seek you out will be ready to buy – you don’t need to convince them. The rest of your sales will come from putting yourself in front of audiences who don’t know you yet and who aren’t ready to buy just yet. If you jump straight to the sale, you’ll be risking everything. Instead, focus on being their knowledgeable, likeable and trustworthy advisor so that when they’re ready to buy, you will be their obvious choice.

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