Want freedom in your content? Get a plan!
Philippa Lowe
Published: 5th of February 2018

Want freedom in your content marketing? Get a plan!

Benjamin Franklin is often credited with saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” If we had a dollar for every time we heard that quote! When we hear it, many of us even nod our heads sagely, agreeing with those words, but when it comes to the crunch we continue to ignore this timeless piece of advice. Is it because planning is just too much effort? Maybe it’s because solid plans make us feel a little trapped or maybe it’s just that we don’t even know exactly what we’re supposed to be planning.

When it comes to our content, most of us want to be creative and we want to have the freedom to talk about whatever comes to mind naturally; we want to create authentic content, it’s as simple as that. A plan is the best way to tap into that authenticity and creativity. Content plans and strategies have the power to set us, and our content, free. But how can that be?

Your foresight is maximised

We all know the feeling of big days creeping up on us. No matter our industry, we all have those times when we want to talk about something big – whether it’s an event relevant to your clients, a cause that’s important to you or simply a holiday that deserves celebration, creating content to match these times can be difficult if you’re not prepared.

Putting them clearly onto your content calendar and plan gives you the opportunity to create content ahead of time so that you’re completely prepared. Gone are the days of missing Mental Health Awareness Week or frantically trying to think of a relevant content idea on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Your content creation becomes second nature

Nothing stifles creativity more than being pressured to upload new content every fortnight when you’re not prepared. We’ve all had late nights as we sat, panicked and racking our brains for some kind of inspiration. With a plan, you know exactly when your content needs to go up and you can effectively schedule content weeks (or months) in advance. With a plan in place, you get to create the content you are passionate about, whenever the inspiration strikes. Of course, it will still take discipline to ensure that your posts go up on time, but your plan means that you get more control, without feeling hemmed in.

With your content under wraps, you can focus on your business

Many business owners just share content whenever they feel like it – it can be sporadic and a little disjointed. With a plan, not only can you take the time to see how all your content is really working together and make sure that you are posting consistently, it means that the headache of creating content is alleviated, giving you more brain space and energy to really focus on the other areas of your business that might have been falling by the wayside.

Once your plan is in place with plenty of handy calendar reminders, it only takes your discipline to make it work – if you’re dedicated, it will all fall into place smoothly. The key with content plans is to always stay flexible. You’re in control, remember – you’re the one who decides what content your business will be putting out into the world. If you want to make a change, you can! Never be so strict with your plan that you feel trapped.

It’s possible to enjoy creating content – it just takes a plan to make it all happen. If you’re ready to start enjoying your content speak to us at Incredible Communications today. Email us at phil.lowe@incrediblecommunications.com.au or drop us a line on 0414 711 107.