What do “The Crown” and your database have in common?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 15th of January 2018

What do ‘The Crown’ and your database have in common?

Everyone is always screaming “Content is King!” and there’s no doubt that content is on everyone’s minds, but plenty of people forget to mention one big thing that plays a huge part in your content marketing strategy – the data. With the huge popularity of shows like The Crown and Victoria, many of us know that Kings and Queens don’t get very far without their trustworthy advisors and it’s the same for our content – if we’re not paying attention to what the data tells us, our content won’t get very far at all.

What is data?

Data is all that information you accrue over time – who’s engaging with your content; who’s opening your newsletters; who’s being converted into customers. Your data is incredibly important because, although you may have the ideal customer in mind, we all know that customers can come from the most unlikely places, your data just tells you where they’re hiding and what they’re interested in.

Naturally, the next question is: what are we supposed to be doing with our data to give a boost to our content?

  • Find out who you should be targeting with your content – the people who read and interact with your content the most are the same demographics you should continue to target and it could give you ideas as to how you can pull in new audiences.
  • Use the data to find out what your audience likes to know about – does your audience respond better to tips and tricks or to opinion pieces? Your data will tell you, so that you can choose the best topics to create content on and engage your audience.
  • Discover how to create content in forms that resonate with your audience – your data can tell you what they like seeing the most – whether it’s videos, articles or tweets, your data will tell you what resonates the most.

When it comes to data you want to be looking for all the big W’s:

  • Who is seeing your content and engaging
  • What your audience prefers to know about
  • Where they like to view their content (mobile, desktop or non-digitally?)
  • When they like to engage (is your audience active in the morning or the evening?)
  • Why they come looking for you (search terms, etc)
  • Which forms of content resonate the most with your audience?

You can even use data as the basis for new content. Netflix did just this with a tweet in December 2017:

In less than 140 characters, they were able to use their data, inject some humour and start a conversation that spanned across several platforms, with their audiences discussing the movie mentioned and generally engaging with the content and each other. Not only that but behind the scenes, they used the popularity of this particular film to drive the addition of more films like it to their platform. It was so simple and so light-hearted, that it almost makes you feel like maybe this data and content thing isn’t so hard after all – that’s because it isn’t.

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