How will you shake up your content in 2018?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 9th January 2018

How will you shake up your content in 2018?

Once you’ve got your content strategy set out, it’s easy to get into a rhythm – this is usually a great thing but sometimes it means you find yourself creating the same kind of content over and over again.

One thing many of us don’t realise is that our personal learning styles play a huge role when it comes to the content we like to create, as well as the content we like to consume. Take our team here at Incredible Communications for example – we’re a combination of verbal and visual learners, that’s why we’re writers! That means that we usually prefer to read articles or perhaps watch a video or a presentation – if you take a look at the content we produce, it’s usually along the same lines.

Of course, this is fantastic for the visual learners amongst our audience but if we get too stuck in our ways, we could be alienating a whole horde of people who learn and take in information in different ways. So, what are the other types of learning and how can we create content that resonates with them?

Aural learners – these people respond better to music and sounds. It’s not as though you need to create a song for every piece of information you want to share but creating a podcast might be something to consider. Now, the technology for creating a podcast is not out of anyone’s reach and it could be just the thing to share more of that in-depth knowledge you have. Even videos with plenty of sounds and vocal explanations can be helpful for aural learners.

Visual learners – we’ve already touched on the needs of visual learners but they are also sometimes called ‘spatial learners’. They respond well to infographics, listicles and to content being laid out in visually appealing ways – think colours, shapes, fonts in different sizes etc. Things like infographics and articles mean that they can spend plenty of time taking in the form of the information, making it easier for them to recall later and you want them to remember you, so it’s worth creating content just for them!

Verbal learners – these are the people that love words, in speech and written down. Podcasts and articles are big ones for these learners. They will also be the ones that jump to let you know their opinion – posting slightly controversial content (we’re not talking a large-scale scandal, just enough to get people talking) will get a reaction from the verbal learners in your audience quickly.

Tactile learners – sometimes, content can’t be contained in an article, a video or a podcast. It needs to be lived. Many businesses opt to share their knowledge and information through workshops or conferences as a way of bringing more clients in. These are the places where your audience gets to try your advice on for size, interact with your business and really feel what you’re all about. Tactile learners aren’t satisfied with sitting on the other side of a computer and reading what you have to say, they want to see it in action and get amongst it, even before they decide to engage your services.

Overwhelmed? Good! Hopefully, learning more about the way your audience listens and learns has opened up your mind to all the options in front of you. There are no limits to the forms your content can take, as always, you’re only limited by the constraints you’ve put on yourself!

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