Stuck on content? Flounder no more!
Philippa Lowe
Published: 19th December 2017

Stuck on content? Flounder no more!

Coming up with content can be difficult. Add in the challenge of coming up with a year’s worth of content and it is easy to become overwhelmed. You might think it could take you weeks to come up with ideas to fill your calendar for the year but with a bit of focus and the right mindset, a year’s content can come together within half an hour.

Don’t believe us? All our articles for the year were brainstormed within that time frame. It can be done! Here’s how we do it:

Decide how often you want to post.

Mostly, this step just involves deciding what you can commit to. Twice a week is nice and regular but can you commit to coming up with 104 ideas and writing two articles a week on top of the rest of your business tasks? Perhaps think about once a week (52 ideas) or fortnightly (26 ideas). Always be realistic about what you can commit to.

Find some ideas

It sounds simple when it’s put into a neat list of steps but this is the most difficult part of the process – as you no doubt have worked out by now. Luckily, there are some simple things you can keep in mind to make the ideas flow freely:

  • Consider all the different times of the year – there’s Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and even Labour Day. You might not be able to think of a content idea for every single holiday, but it might just be the spark that starts your creativity.
  • Read other blogs in your industry – see what others are talking about. Keep up with them regularly and their thoughts may just get you excited about certain topics. Always be trying for new angles.
  • Answer FAQ’s – your clients need to want to read your content. When they ask questions, they’re handing you content ideas on a silver platter. Make sure you listen to what they’re asking and find creative ways to answer them.
  • Think outside the box – not every piece of content has to be a traditional article. Think videos, listicles and infographics. Get creative with your ideas to appeal to everyone!

Get organised

Once you’ve got ideas, it’s time to make sure you’re sorted for the year. Create a calendar and schedule content as frequently as you decided at the beginning of the process. Now, it’s time to get creating. Try to have as many articles written and pieces of content created ahead of your schedule – you want to be able to relax and to be as hands-off as possible.

Always remember:

  • To be specific when you create your original list – don’t let yourself get all the way to August only to be left confused by an idea you wrote down in haste without fleshing out properly. Be clear about your ideas so your point comes across strong when you do finally get around to creating the content.
  • To be open to new ideas and shifting the schedule. Not everything will always go to plan and perhaps, halfway through the year, you have a brainwave for a whole new series of articles. Don’t let yourself be confined to a schedule for no reason.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by coming up with content ideas but by breaking it down and getting organised, your content can be sorted in no time – leaving you free to focus on other areas of your business throughout the year. If you’re stuck, download Incredible Communications’ free template to get started or give us a call on +61 414 711 107.