Need an improved recipe for quality content?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 7th of November 2017

Need an improved recipe for quality content?

If you’ve ever tried to take control of your content, you’ll know that there’s a constant battle between having a lot of content across your inbound marketing channels, or having less content but of a higher quality. Unless you have someone incredible at the helm of your content (Ed: ha, did you see what we did there?), it can be hard to churn content without burning out and sacrificing quality.

Back in 2014, McDonald’s all across Australia introduced their ‘Create Your Taste’ range – a concept where customers could personalise their burgers with whichever elements they preferred. The process takes a little longer and costs a little more, which turns some customers off the idea, but the idea is that customers who buy in get better service and a better, more satisfying end result/

It might be time to give your content the ‘Create Your Taste’ treatment and make sure that it is satisfying for your readers. Every burger created is slightly different, but there are always essential elements almost every customer wants – a bun, some kind of meat and perhaps some cheese. It’s the same with your content – there are some essential ingredients to include to create something of real quality:

Originality – There might not be any original ideas in the world, but there are new ways of looking at things. You might even reuse an old article you wrote but make sure that you approach it from a different angle and create something that will pique the interest of readers.

Facts – Skimming over statistics, sensationalising events or simply lying will not do you any favours in the long run. It’s extremely likely that one of your brand values is honesty, truthfulness or trustworthiness, so your content should reflect that.

Relatability – The reason why ‘Create Your Taste’ works so well is because it is exactly what the customer wants. The end result is literally catered to them – their needs, their cravings, their interests. It’s all wrapped up in one burger. Knowing your customers well will mean your content will appeal to them and they will be able to relate to it and engage with it.

Call to action – No piece of content is complete without a call to action. Your readers need to know what to do next – don’t leave them hanging. Whether it’s giving you a call, signing up to your newsletter, downloading the next eBook in the series, or sharing the video with their friends, give them a direction.

So, is it always quantity vs quality?

Like everything, creating quality content will take time. In fact, it might take a year of creating merely ‘okay’ content to finally get the recipe right. Don’t be discouraged, all that practice on the way to quality means that you will end up with a lot of content, fulfilling your need for quantity too. Once you find the right ingredients to creating quality content, then it’s time to go back over all your old content and find new angles.

Still, content creation can be overwhelming. If you’re finding it difficult to get the recipe right, it’s time to give Incredible Communications a call on +61 414 711 107.