Dear CMO, have you hung out with your sales and support teams lately?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 17th October 2017

Dear CMO, have you hung out with your sales and support teams lately?

Dear Chief Marketing Officer,

Are you struggling to keep up with the content mill? Does it keep turning, leaving you behind more often than not?

As you know, the content you create is what brings customers in and piques their interest – the connection you make with them as a direct result of your content can be the beginning of a long and successful relationship. But what happens when you run out of fabulous content ideas?

There are two groups of people who hold the key to your content woes:

Your sales team. And your customer support team.

Historically, sales and marketing have had a tumultuous relationship (well, that’s what I’ve observed over the years, a little bit of ‘them’ and ‘us’ creeps in!) but it’s time to put all that history aside because sales teams have insights that will help you to create effective content.

Here are a few advantages your sales team has that can help you to boost your content:

  • Your sales team spends time in conversation with your customers. They speak with them and answer any questions that they might have. Knowing the questions they ask can help you to create content that answers those questions or find topics that they are the most intrigued about.
  • As they spend time with your customers, they also learn more about their personalities. You stand to learn a lot by discussing what your customers are like – their hobbies, their likes, their dislikes, their concerns and their confidences. It’s all about learning to relate – no potential customer will engage if they can’t relate to the content you create.
  • The time spent with customers also means that your sales team knows more about your customers’ businesses than almost anyone else. They have the advantage of having insider knowledge and also being distanced. The sales team can tell you all about the real pain points, while providing unbiased advice on what businesses need.

It’s the same too with your customer support team. Have a listen into a few customer support calls. Also complaints – much as they’re hard to hear, they also give great insights. It’s a chance to take your marketing hat off and be an impartial observer. You’ll be surprised at what content gems you’ll unearth.

Need some impartial content hands to help dig out your real stories? The Incredible Communications team includes local journalists who look for the why, what, when, where and how in a story that engages the end audience. Ask us to join a sales meeting and challenge us to dig out some content for you!