Recycle, reformat, repost
Philippa Lowe
Published: 14th August 2017

Recycle, reformat, repost

Do you feel as though you’re churning out new content all the time, trying to feed the beast that is the dwindling attention span of your audience?

Great news – new content is invaluable but by ignoring your old content, you’re missing the chance to really get the most out of your ideas. Remember how long you spent agonising over that old article, only for it to have its 5 minutes of fame and vanish into obscurity? Don’t let that happen anymore – learn how to effectively reuse, recycle, reformat and repost.

If you’ve been posting for a while, you’re likely to have a great collection of old articles to revisit. The best place to start is by looking at your ‘evergreen content’. It’s important to know what your readers are interested in; check out which articles are still being visited by your readers – this is your insight into what kind of content they enjoy the most.

Keep looking in your archives and find those articles that you are particularly proud of and the articles that are timeless.  The quickest and easiest way to bring those success articles into the limelight once more is by simply putting them in plain sight. Reposting on Facebook, tweeting it out on Twitter or slotting it into your eNews for the month reminds people of the great content you produced.

Revisiting your old articles with a fresh mind can help you to see links and intersecting ideas that you never saw at first – perhaps try combining two trains of thought from two different posts, to make a whole new article. If you find old articles that have a great core but need to be updated for your current audience, don’t do it behind the scenes; rewrite the content and post it afresh.

If rewriting or reposting seems like the easy option and you’re craving a bit of hard work, try reformatting. There are so many format options: videos, podcasts, infographics, video graphics, slideshows and downloadable PDFs can be valuable resources for your readers. Simply take the information from your article and dress it up in a different way.

Reformatting can catch the eye of new readers, those who never saw the original post and a new format can make it much more accessible to those who aren’t fond of reading. Not only that, these new formats can provide existing readers with content they can share more easily with their contacts.

In the end, the only way you will be able to repurpose your old articles is by creating timeless content from the get-go. Write with longevity in mind – you want your content to age like wine, not milk.