Do you need another pair of eyes?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 1st August 2017

Do You Need Another Pair of Eyes?

We all often feel like we need eyes in the back of our head, but have you ever thought about the benefits a pair of fresh eyes could bring to your content? Many people are dubious about the necessity of a copywriter or editor – after all, you know your business better than anyone else; why can’t you just write your content yourself and click publish?

There is absolutely no doubt that you love what you do and know all the ins ands outs better than anyone else – but trying to convey every little detail in a short article or snippet on a website can backfire. It’s easy to forget that your readers don’t have the inside knowledge you’ve accrued over the years and all the intricate details can confuse your message, leaving your readers with more questions than answers.

The good news is that copywriters are capable of becoming well-versed in your business in mere hours while simultaneously keeping their ‘fresh-eyes’ – as readers who are relatively new to the topic, copywriters can bring a perspective which is closer to your readers’, allowing them to tailor your content to include all the essential information, while remaining easy-to-read.

Creating content can be a long process, as you’ve undoubtedly discovered by now. If you’ve been working on an article for a long time, it gets harder to fine-tune. You’re proud of it but, as with a lot of things we’re proud of, it becomes difficult to find fault in our work – the pride starts to give us a blinkered view. A copywriter can edit your current work and reshape it to serve a whole new purpose while maintaining your original ideas and tone.

After all, writing content is not actually your job. When you set up your business your passion was your focus and that passion probably didn’t include writing social media posts or information pages for a website. On the other hand, it is your copywriter’s job to create content. You might be great at writing click-worthy Facebook posts but not so great at writing articles. Different readers like different kinds of posts at different times of the day. A copywriter has a fresh perspective to see how your content will work best and they have versatile minds which make it all happen.

Finally, grammar and spelling might seem like irrelevant details, but unfortunately, they are the initial way customers get their impressions of you –if you make mistakes in your grammar or spelling, what’s to say you won’t make mistakes in your work? Getting it right is crucial for your business – you need someone who knows the rules so you won’t miss the mark.

Hiring a copywriter may seem like cheating or like skipping the hard work, but if you do decide to go down that route, you’ll be far from alone.  A copywriter can distinguish you from your competitors and establishes your business as a trusted entity in your industry.

You wouldn’t start a career in athletics without finding a mentor, a coach, someone who’s done it all before – so do the same with your content. Find someone you trust who can guide you, correct you and lend their fresh eyes and expertise to lead you to success.