What to expect from your copywriter
Philippa Lowe
Published: 2nd May 2017

What to expect from your copywriter

When we first mention we are copywriters, we are often met with mixed reactions. People either know what we do or they spend a few minutes asking about copyright law. Some expect very little, while others expect copywriters to be miracle workers. Let’s take a closer look:

Copywriters are:

Writers – You can safely expect your copywriter to write and write well. If you discover that your copywriter is illiterate, there is no need to pay them for their ‘services’ and no need to lose sleep over letting them go.

Researchers – The first 5 Google results can be informative, there’s no denying. A good copywriter will delve a little deeper to make sure that they know as much about your business or topic as they can. Research can involve the Internet, the library (gasp!) and interviews. If your copywriter isn’t willing to get stuck into some research, alarm bells should start ringing.

Editors – Everyone makes mistakes and copywriters are no different. Spell-check is not to be trusted, so you should expect your copywriter to proofread their work and edit meticulously. If you request reasonable edits, they should also be willing to make those edits while still retaining the tone. We also recommend a fresh pair of eyes across final copy. Once a copywriter has written an article, researched it, and spent hours in it, often the smallest, silliest errors are hard to spot.

Adaptable – A copywriter can have several different voices. Just like Robin Williams’ Genie, copywriters can become anyone in order to sell anything and they’ll change their voice to fit your agenda, rather than their own. They can also change their words to fit within branding guidelines and satisfy legal requirements, even at relatively late notice.

Communicators – Of course, copywriters are professional communicators. But their communication isn’t just limited to the finalised words on the page. You can expect them to communicate with your throughout the process to make sure they’re on track and you’re happy with the final product.

Copywriters are not:

Liars – Naturally, there is a certain amount of positioning and shuffling around of information to present you and your business in the best light. Unfortunately, we cannot perform miracles and we cannot produce facts out of thin air. Not only is the lying morally questionable, it can also get your business into a lot of trouble down the track. Don’t expect us to lie, for your own sake!

Mind Readers – Have you filled out your briefing documents or had a one-on-one chat with your copywriter to convey exactly what you need? If the answer is no, then you can safely expect to go through several revisions before you get what you want. Copywriters cannot read your mind and do not know everything (thank you for flattering us with such high expectations) so you will need to answer their initial questions.

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