3 questions to ask yourself when you’re creating a content strategy

Author: Philippa Lowe
Published: 4 September 2018

3 questions to ask yourself when you’re creating a content strategy

Are you thinking about putting content up on any of your social platforms? We’ve already touched on why having a content strategy is necessary for every business, no matter the size. Content plans can really open the door for a whole host of new opportunities but the real question is, how do you actually get started? We’ve narrowed it down to the three big questions you need to ask yourself so you can start to create the best content strategy for your business:

What’s your message?

Content without direction is just filler and if there’s no real point to it, audiences can be left wondering why on earth you’re even bothering. Instead, think deeply about what you really want to convey to your audience. Do you just want to increase your online presence? Do you want to provide your audience with information so that you become an authority in your industry? Perhaps you’re promoting a big event or launching a new product? Maybe it’s a combination of these.

Whatever your goal is, work out exactly what you want to be telling your audience. Having one consistent message – whether it’s extremely specific or broad – will mean that you can easily decide whether content is aligned with that message or not. All content should be helping you to achieve a goal, even if it’s just a small step in that process.

Who are you talking to?

The chances are that you already know who your audience is – defining your target market should have already happened in the early days of your business. Take another look at them and think about what they might like to see from your content. What will resonate with them? Where will they be looking for your content?

Knowing who your audience is means that you can adopt a consistent tone throughout all your content and that you’re putting that content in all the places you’ll be seen.

Which formats will you use?

The first two questions are arguably the most important – without them, you could not confidently decide on the right formats to present your content to effectively get your message across to your audience.

Showcasing a new product? Perhaps images on a platform like Instagram will give the product a place to shine.

Talking to an elderly audience? Maybe social media is not the right place to have content, perhaps a physical newsletter (or even just an eNews, many of the older generations are tech savvy enough to handle email) or an in-person Q&A session might suit their needs better.

Content isn’t all about blog posts and Tweets – there are hundreds of combinations of content that will help you to get your message across:

Content Format Ideas | Incredible Communications

Getting in control of your content is no easy task but it starts with asking yourself these three questions. Still feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry, Incredible Communications can help. Email phil.lowe@incrediblecommunications.com.au or call 0414 711 107.