What’s the point of a communications strategy?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 8th of December 2017

What’s the point of a communications strategy?

Mapping out a communications strategy might seem daunting – it can be big and scary and time-consuming.  If it’s so difficult to put together, why do so many people sing the praises of a communications strategy?

Ultimately, the reason you put your communications strategy in place is to benefit your business and work towards those big goals.

Who benefits from your communications strategy?

You – once you’ve got ideas for communications, what do you do with them? Do they sit in a notebook for a few months until motivation kicks in and you action a few of them, following them up with silence for a few more months? This scenario is all too common, especially within smaller businesses; a communications strategy means that not only do those ideas get put on a schedule; you can see how they all work together so that you can reach your business goals.

How can you expect to convey your message to your current and potential clients if you don’t even know what your message is? A communications strategy means you can be clear on your message and how you’re going to get your message across.

Your team – without a strategy, your team can be left in the dark when it comes to what their role is supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be completing communications-related tasks. By putting a strategy in place, you’re helping your team to know exactly what they should be doing and when they should be doing it, streamlining all your communications channels.

Not only that, but a strategy that is available to your whole team means that they know exactly what everybody else is doing too – so they know where to direct their questions and suggestions, leaving you free to get on with your own tasks.

Your audience – whether they’re suppliers or clients or anything in between, your audience needs to know why they need you so badly. If your message is jumbled, illogical and irregular, how will they ever catch on to what you’re trying to sell them?

With a clear communications strategy, your message is streamlined, with every channel working together smoothly to present one coherent and consistent message to your audience.

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