Are you in control of your content?
Philippa Lowe
Published: 19th of September 2017

Are you in control of your content?

How do you handle your communications and content? Perhaps you try to do it in the spare moments that aren’t taken up by your main role. Maybe there’s someone within your organisation who takes care of it all or maybe you’ve outsourced the task to a communications agency. Whatever your approach, there’s no denying that your comms are important and it’s crucial to have them under control.

Being in charge of your own comms can be great – you get full control over everything at all times and you can change your processes up whenever you like, without hours of consultations.

There are obviously great advantages to having full control over your content, but the control comes with its own fair share of difficulties:

  • It can be overwhelming – you need to come up with all your content ideas on your own. Even with the help of your team, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas and fresh takes to keep things interesting.
  • Multi-tasking can start to become a problem – if you’re trying to juggle your comms with your normal role, either task can start to suffer.
  • There’s simply not enough time – too often, comms fall to the wayside because you’re too busy handling the other parts of your business.

The solution? Get yourself a communications agency to help you get it all under control.

When you bring an agency on board, you still get control. Nothing will ever be decided without your go-ahead but it takes most of the pressure off. Instead of spending hours each week or days each month taking care of your content and comms, the time is reduced to dealing with approvals and consulting about your content.

It means you hand over important content velocity to a team equipped to do just that: deliver at velocity. Why? Because it’s their core competency, unlike within a business or organisation where you can be dragged between numerous competing needs.

Remember, it’s a two way street!

Just like any professional relationship, it takes two to tango. Your comms agency can alleviate a lot of the pressure but they value your input and need to it to be able to do their jobs properly. Make sure you set aside an hour or two in your schedule each month for a chat to make sure things are ticking along nicely and to discuss the next steps. That’s it! A couple of hours of focused time and a lot of stress is taken away.

Do you think it’s time to get an external agency to take care of your content? Incredible Communications can help you get started. Drop us a line or call 0414 711 107 today.